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The Bury St Edmunds Angling Association was founded in 1938. Our aims are to provide and maintain angling, promote fellowship amongst anglers, organise friendly fishing competitions and to preserve and further the sport of angling generally. The club offers angling on four lakes and a stretch of the river Little Ouse. Members have the right to fish all Association waters, subject to the close season for river fishing and restrictions imposed form time to time.

Latest News

Barrow lake work party – Sunday 3rd July

Thanks to Grant Humphreys for organising today’s work party at Barrow lake. Club and committee members were able to carry out work on the ruts to make it easier to get to swims. They also used strimmers to cut down vegetation and generally tidied the place up. Our special thanks to members Keith Cocksedge, Bob Stone, Chris Oakley and Jim Fordham for their hard work today.

Keith and Karen Cocksedge caught a nice couple of carp at Barrow on the 26th June 2022.

The committee have been told by the leaseholders of the stretch of the Little Ouse at Shippea Hill that they do not want to renew the lease to any angling club. The committee have tried to extend the notice period to 13th March 2023 when the river season closes, however after discussions with them we have been told in writing that we will now to lose the right to fish the river from 31st July 2022. This decision in no way reflects the behaviour of anglers from the association, but is purely a business decision from the owners of the farms around the stretch of water that we fished. We will continue to look for new stretches of water and especially rivers, if any members knows of any waters/rivers that you believe would benefit the association then please contact any member of the committee via the website.

Thursday 30th June 2022 – 12 members fished the Vets match at Middle Reservoir.

  1. Winner was Bob Bonney who weighed in with 20lb (peg 2)
  2. Second was Keith Smith who weighed in with 17lb 5oz (peg 15)
  3. Third was John Boughton who weighed in with 13lb 8oz (peg 1)                            

Anyone wishing to fish in any of the club matches should contact Keith Smith 07804101067

Karen Cocksedge Barrow 26th June 2022
Bob Bonney winner of Vets match 30th June 2020.