Welcome to the Bury St Edmunds Angling Association


The Bury St Edmunds Angling Association was founded in 1938. Our aims are to provide and maintain angling, promote fellowship amongst anglers, organise friendly fishing competitions and to preserve and further the sport of angling generally. The club offers angling on four lakes and members have the right to fish all Association waters, subject to restrictions imposed from time to time.

Latest club news

LAKE INFORMATION: (Updated 12/07)

Water Lane: Open

Badwell Ash: Open.

Middle Reservoir: Open   

Barrow Lake: Open.

Any queries, please contact Josh or a member of the bailiff team.

BADWELL ASH: The gate to Badwell has now been moved well off the road and starts at the beginning of the track that leads to the carpark. This will be much safer for anglers going in and out. Thanks to Grant for arranging this for the club.

Jason had success on Middle Reservoir recently with 3 fish well over the 20lb mark. Good angling 🎣🎣



Due to the lack of interest in the Club matches on Sundays, all cup matches will now be combined with the Thursday league. This does not affect those already accumulating points in the Thursday league. Match dates will be updated in due course. 

BAA Thursday league results 11/07:
The league continued today with the Ron Plampin trophy also up for grabs. The match took place at Middle Reservoir. First place and winner of the trophy was Graham Sykes, weighing in with 26lb 9oz. Grant Humphreys managed second, with 22lb 7oz and in third, Andy Hardy in third with 19lb 7oz. Next weeks match will be at Water Lane.

For more information and if you are wishing to take part, please contact Grant on 07512588254. ***Remember, these matches are open to all members of Bury AA***

** Anglers can now purchase club tickets online **

Jason with a 25 5oz Common from Middle res
Paul with a 15lb 11oz common (Water Lane)